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Hello World

I have been away from the internet world for a full week, and now there is much to catch up on.  First of all, I would like to publicly welcome Zoey Kathryn to the vast world of Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter.  She was born at 8:24am on April 10, 2012, weighing 6 lbs, 6 oz, and almost 18 inches in length.  I will not go into more details concerning the journey our little family has taken during this past week, other than to say it has been incredibly unexpected, exhausting, and trying for each of us.  Even now, there is a lot of hope and light at the end of the tunnel, and we look forward to the next few days when we will finally be able to bring our beautiful little girl home.  I’ve started a new blog to follow the life of Zoey, and the amazing place she has already formed in our hearts and minds.  I will leave this blog here as a reminder of where we started, but please continue to follow me at MinorInspirations.  Also, please bear with me as I catch you all up with the events of this week.

Life is hard, but God is good!

Stay tuned…

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Random thoughts

I’ve been having trouble concentrating on anything for too long lately, so here are some random thoughts that hopefully sum up today for me.

Someone should invent a recliner toilet.  It would be so much more convenient.  

I have a new-found sympathy for turtles who get stuck on their backs.  I know my stomach muscles still exist somewhere in there, but I’ve given up trying to find them.

Added hair growth can be nice.  Especially if it were only where I wanted it.  I think I’m more excited about it not growing so much anymore.  I will never complain about thin hair again.   

A recent discovery: it is possible to feel nauseous and still want to try anything edible in sight.  So weird.  I couldn’t finish my pancakes or hash-browns at Denny’s on Saturday, but I ate my husband’s bagel instead because it looked really good.  I offered him my hash-browns as a piece offering, and he just laughed.   

I had been hoping for an Easter baby.  The contractions turned out to be BH and stopped after about an hour yesterday morning.  Oh well, I still had fun finding chocolate bunnies around the house and dying eggs.  We also watched VeggieTales: Twas the Night Before Easter and finished up with the Easter story from Matthew.  It was exciting to think about how much fun it will be next year with a one-year-old. 

So once again, we wait. I now understand why they used to call this time “confinement”.  

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Doctor Visit #too many to remember

So today was my weekly checkup with the OB/GYN - woohoo!  (I never thought I would be so excited about a gyno visit.)  My blood pressure and weight are about the same as last week, and baby’s heart rate is 125 bpm.  I had a good deal of pressure start last night, so I opted for an internal exam as well.  Baby has dropped significantly again and her head it at a -1 to 0 (aka ready for delivery).  I’m also dilated at almost 2 and 40% effaced.  I’ve had a good deal of pressure on my hips and pelvis for about two weeks now, and it was really encouraging to hear that it has been a progressive pressure.  There’s a really big chance that we will see the baby before her due date…possibly even this weekend!  So so so exciting!  I’m thinking I may need to start a new blog once she’s born, with a more fitting title.  We’ll also finally be able to publicly reveal her name! 

Any ideas for a new blog name????

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Random Poll

Something I’ve been thinking way too much about…You know how the instructions on shampoo bottles say to rinse, lather, and repeat? Does anyone actually repeat? Is there a magic number of repetition that allows for optimal desired effects? And is repetition really worth the extra time, effort, and wasted shampoo?

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